Thoughts on the journey of Becoming

As I have continued to sustain my efforts in the area of personal development, new insights and discoveries are sometimes subtly clouded, even hidden from sight.  My natural inclination is to drive on; recently however, I have had several instances where I was stopped in my tracks.

In these moments, I came to the understanding that much of my “doing”-the business of personal development-I am totally missing out on the “being”. It is in my “being” that I live out the promise of connection. In “being”, I am able to truly be present for others as well as myself. In “doing”, I miss out on the here and now, by failing to practice mindfulness of my person. It also drives me to ego, where I focus on having the right answers, being the expert or the “guy with the answers” How intoxicating!

The price; however, is that realization, that in my business, I forget to return to a mindful state that connects me to you. That disconnection and its manifestation in my life is a deteriorating toxin. It keeps me from hearing while giving the appearance of listening, it insist that you understand me before I ever really make an effort to understand you. I suck up all the psychological air leaving you gasping for the last sustaining breath of visibility. This is not the person I desire to become.

As we come to the end of this year, let us renew our commitment to ourselves, each other and communities at large, by practicing more mindfulness. Let us avoid the trap of getting caught up in the “doing” and remember that it is in the “being” that we truly become!


Be good to you and those around you.

I remain,




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