How to Make Your Goal Setting Effective

“When a man truly commits, the universe will conspire to assure his success.”  Henry David Thoreau19613619-Man-aiming-to-his-target-in-red-word-goal-Business-goal-concept-Stock-Photo

When I consider how very little instruction we are given on goal setting as compared to it’s unequivocal importance in success in life, I am at a loss; it truly defies logic.  Since goal setting is a skill of the highest order, this blog post will be the laying of your goal setting foundation; upon which you will be able build more learning and incorporate all the improvements to your techniques along the way of changing your life!

Establishing and writing out your goals helps you more clearly define who you are and what you really desire. This clarification assist your brain in making choices that are more aligned with the real you. Setting goals, puts you back in control of the direction of your life and opens you up to horizons that you didn’t even know existed. Additionally, setting goals causes our brains to release the neuro-chemicals that make you feel better and give you a more positive attitude.

Writing out your goals harness the amazing power of all three of your body’s inter-related systems; the muscular, the skeletal, and the nervous system; signaling the brain, that what you are doing is extremely important-so pay attention. A goal that isn’t written down is nothing more than a wish.  Are you ready, to change your life?

Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Step 1: Write your goal out and set a date to reach it.

The structure of writing your goal is very important. You will always start by writing, “My goal is state your goal-remember, be very specific. For example, “My goal is to save $550 to buy a new iPhone by June 1, 2016.”

Remember, the date like the goal is the target. They should be written to allow for adjustments. If you don’t allow for adjustments, the message you are sending your brain is that you are going to quit, you aren’t really committed.


Step 2: List no more than 3 obstacles to reaching your goal

Obstacles can be anything that has impacted your ability to achieve your goal in the past. Staying with our example goal we can use the following obstacles: 1) I haven’t saved in the past for things I really wanted, 2) A crisis could come up, and 3) I don’t deserve an iPhone.


Step 3: After each of the obstacles, write and date the action steps you’re going to take

 Each of the action steps you write down are actually small goals. For example, obstacle #1 is: “I haven’t saved in the past for things I really wanted.” Action Steps:  1) To listen to the Financial Responsibility Self-Talk Program 3 times a day (while eating breakfast, lunch and as I lay down for bed) until February 10, 2016; 2) To visualize my transferring $50 each pay period for 21 days; and 3) Contact my banker to set up automatic transfers of $50 to my savings beginning January 29, 2016,


Step 4: Review and track your goal plan on a weekly schedule.


Step 5: Reward yourself as your complete each of your action steps and when you accomplish your goal!!


It’s really is, that simple! The example I used was for teaching purposes and simplicity. We are larger goals that affect our lives like, starting a family, going back to school, starting a business, buying a car or a house, etc.… If you apply these 5 steps to all levels of goals, you will, in the words of Thoreu, “meet with a success unexpected in common hours”.


That is the long and the short of goal setting. If you have any questions, are get stumped along the process with obstacles or action steps, please, do not hesitate to send me an email at  or Post a Comment of my Facebook Page so that I can get back to you.


As Always, Much Love.


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